One year of the
Women in Law Foundation

We are a newly established Foundation and the first initiative in Poland which aims to
integrate the legal community through the exchange of knowledge and good practices. We
want to work towards developing a strategy of diversity and acquiring new qualifications
necessary to achieve success in the new reality.

Our mission

We want to create and provide tools to educate and change the Polish legal market through regular meetings and workshops.

Our goal

Thanks to the broad cooperation of representatives at all industry levels, we want every participant of Women in Law to gain new skills and insight into the sector developments.

Our plan

With Women in Law we want to change the status quo in the industry by creating a framework to promote diversity and knowledge of new technologies in the legal environment.

What to expect

We will create a conversation about the experiences of leading legal practitioners which will serve as an inspiration for strengthening the role of women in your organisation.

We will discuss how to develop leadership, how to strengthen competencies, especially in the area of technology, and why lawyers need to address the ongoing digitisation.

Mentoring and reversed mentoring

As part of Women in Law we would like to offer mentoring programme for women led by experienced and successful women and men in the industry. As part of the mentoring programme, we would like younger participants to gain access to the professional guidance of more experienced female and male lawyers, who in turn will be able to deepen their knowledge in areas where young people are leading the way, being familiar with the latest technological developments in the market.

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“Law and technology”

The Women in Law Foundation is the organiser of the best thesis competition for female students who in their work combine legal issues and new technologies. The award consists of an internship offer in one of the most renowned law firms and a cash prize.

First place – Traineeship + 7000 PLN
Second place – Traineeship + 5000 PLN
Third place – Traineeship + 3000 PLN
Distinction – Traineeship + 1000 PLN

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