About us

We believe that through the dialogue of industry representatives at every level of their careers we can gain a deeper insight into how the sector is changing.

 The truth is that in recent years the legal community in the world has become more open to both women and ethnic minorities. In developed markets, initiatives are emerging to demonstrate the benefits, and indeed the necessity, of introducing diversity policies also in the legal sector.

In Poland, senior positions in law firms, consulting firms and as heads of legal departments are dominated by men. This issue has been raised many times, in the press, in the backstage of industry conferences, as well as in social media. The initiatives of the Bar Association or individual voices in the case are noticeable. However, there is a lack of cohesive approach and implementation of specific activities that will change the status quo. This is particularly important now, in view of the growing importance of modern technologies in the legal sector and the inevitable paradigm shift in the provision and use of legal services.

Thanks to the Women in Law Foundation we want to change the status quo. We want to give tools, show best practices, educate and change the Polish legal market, giving priority to new technologies.

As part of the Women in Law initiative we organise regular meetings and workshops where we meet to develop new ideas and find inspiration for new activities, often going beyond the standard framework. We want participants to have the opportunity to participate in creating a practical strategy to promote diversity and acquire new skills needed to function successfully in the new reality.


Our values

Common ground

We bring together people with similar interests, experiences and areas of practice.


We believe that the more points of view, experiences and attitudes, the better the reality around us.

The future

Tomorrow, that’s today, only tomorrow. We talk, act and change tomorrow today.


Our overriding value is openness, transparency and mutual trust.